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Paolo Lombardi
Paolo Lombardi
Naxospharma S.R.L

Graduated from Milan University (Italy), Ph.D. from Southampton University (UK), Paolo Lombardi has +35yr experience in the pharmaceutical industrial setting and backgrounds in organic synthetic chemistry, process research chemistry, and therapeutic chemistry. He held growing positions in Farmitalia Carlo Erba R&D where he achieved the goal of discovering Exemestane, launched in the global market under the name Aromasin™ for breast cancer therapy, and the clinical follow-on candidate Minamestane, as well as providing the relative manufacturing chemical technologies. As Vice-president for Chemistry in Menarini Ricerche, Paolo fostered the discovery of Sabarubicin, a 3rd generation antitumor anthracycline presently in advanced clinical studies. He acted as a consultant for the pharma company IBI G.Lorenzini and the French start-up biotech Chrysalon, before setting up his own science business. Inventor of +70 patents in Medicinal and Process Chemistry, author, and co-author of +150 research papers, reviews, abstracts, invited lectures, and seminars.

Research Interest

His research and innovation in the field of organic synthetic chemistry, process research chemistry, and therapeutic chemistry.

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