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About Conference

Traditional Medicine 2021 aims to assemble the Researchers, principal investigators, specialists, and researchers operating beneath academe and health care trade, Business Delegates, Scientists and students across the world to attend Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture Conference during December 09-10. To provide their research results, new thoughts, and practical development experiences. We invite all the participants from all across the globe to attend this conference which includes prompt keynote presentations, poster presentations, oral talks and exhibitions. We tend to hope that you just can grasp this the educational occasion to revitalize the enduring connections and flash with newspapers around the globe. Traditional Medicine 2021 will have many lectures, Keynote lectures and a short note by eminent personalities from around the world. During this year’s Conference, we tend to hope that you simply can seize the chance to rekindle in-progress connections and spark a new one together with your colleagues from around the globe.

Acupuncture is a practice that is done by inserting needles into the subcutaneous skin and into the muscles at particular points. This is the alternative treatment that is done by inserting needles at particular points to relieve pain and stress management. This treatment is generally done by acupuncturist specialist and practitioners well trained on the particular subject using clean needles techniques, properly delivered, so that it has less adverse effects.

Customary ancient Medicines square measure commonly happening, plant-inferred substances with insignificant no fashionable making ready that wont to treat upset within provincial recuperating rehearses. Conventional ancient drugs assumed associate degree clear half within the system to contain and treat extreme intense respiratory illness. Various pharmaceutical associations have examined the potential for creating new medicines from standard cures in Asian market. Customary drugs are quickly creating since later of Nineteen Nineties

Meet experts, strengthen and update your ideas on Traditional Medicine at this conference. Together we can fight against the deadly infectious diseases by creating awareness and Traditional Medicine 2021 is a perfect platform to work for.


Welcome Message

A warm welcome to the 15th International Conference on Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture which is going to be held during December 09-10, 2021 .brings upon a new platform to share and discuss all the innovations in the Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture. As we tend to enter 2021, one has to look no farther than the daily news reports to understand the continuing burden of several diseases. Traditional Medicine 2021 not just make a phase to exchange estimations to the big affair of people, yet also to exert one to try to to, spread concentrated and research advances in the field of Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture. Following the success of the previous conference 14th International Conference on Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture, we are honoured to invite you to 15th International Conference on Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture, which will be held as a webinar . Our aim is to Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture at a room of like-minded people.  The Traditional Medicine 2021 will be a progressive, compelling and informative conference. The meeting will continue to serve as a distinct platform, where the foremost compelling and controversial topics facing clinicians within the field are presented during a fascinating and interesting debate forum.

Scientific Sessions

1.     Traditional Medicines and Disciplines:

Traditional Medicine deals with the Ancient Medicine. It is also called as Alternative Medicine.  The field of Alternative and traditional medicine is increasing day by day and its advancements are making tremendous impacts in alternative health care. Traditional medicine includes Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Chinese or Oriental medicine, Naturopathy and Acupuncture. Traditional medicine mainly includes the usage of herbal treatment methods. It mainly based on theories and experiences used in prevention, treatment and improvement of physical and mental illness.

 2.     Herbal Medicine:

Herbal Medicine deals with the study of Medicinal plants. It’s a branch of herbal care and Ayurveda. It includes all the fields of herbal medicine related to Botany, Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry, Medicinal plants research, Medicinal Chemistry, Natural chemistry and Ayurveda, Unani, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Siddha Medicine. Herbal therapy is the easiest way to treat themselves for the patients. Herbal Medicine is becoming popular through the use of

·         natural herbs

·         Herbal dietary supplements

·         Para herbalism

·         Practitioners of herbalism

·         Clinical tests

·         Aromatherapy

·         Herbal Nutrition 

3.Ayurveda Medicine

 is the Ancient systems of Medicine that began 5000 years ago uses for the treatments of various kinds of diseases. It is the oldest whole body healing medicine system. The treatments and Practices of Ayurveda had been included in almost all the health applications and various medicinal utilizations. Ayurveda made us belive that every person is made of five basic elements: Air, Space, Water , Fire, Earth. The three main elements of Ayurveda are

·         Vayu Dosha includes air and Space which allows movement

·         Pitta dosha includes fire and water which allows for change and handles digestion and metabolism

·         Kapha dosha includes water and earth which gives structure or cohesion 

4.Folk Medicine

Folk Medicine deals with the Study of herbals and other remedies of traditional medicinal basis. It is originated from the ancient man’s inventive methods of treatments using herbs, various natural remedies. The different types of folk medicine are

·         Traditional Chinese medicine

·         Traditional Korean medicine

·         Arabic indigenous medicine

·         Uyghur traditional medicine

·         Japanese Kamp? medicine

·         Traditional Aboriginal bush medicine

·         Georgian folk medicine

5.Pharmacognosy and Phyto Chemistry

Pharmacognosy is the study of Physical, Chemical and biological properties of a drug obtained from plants. Phytochemistry is the branch of chemistry deals with the study of Chemicals extracted from plants. Phytochemistry is widely used in the field of herbal medicine. Plants synthesize chemicals which can be used for the treatment of many diseases. Ethnopharmacology deals with the study of drug discovery from plants. The classes of chemical compound which are found in the plants are

·         Alkaloids

·         Terpenoids

·         Glycosides

·         Volatile Oils

·         Flavanoids

·         Phenols 

6. Homeopathy and Holistic Medicine

Homeopathy is one of the well-known alternative medical practice in which extreme dilutions of chemical or natural compound is used to treat various ailments. Holistic medicine aims to prevent or treat diseases thereby improving patient’s health and wellbeing. The treatment helps to enhance to the Body’s healing ability . It is broadly classified as Isopathy which is a type of Homeopathic Immunization and Veterinary Homeopathy for the treatment of different creatures.

·         Herbal Homeopathy

·         Electro Homeopathy

·         Isopathy        

·         Home prophylaxis

7. Naturopathy

Naturopathy mainly focus on Prevention, Treatment  and optimal health by the use of therapeutic methods that regain the body’s capacity to repair itself without any adverse reactions. It is the primitive health care system with traditional and modern scientific knowledge and natural forms of medicine. The aim of Naturopathy is completely avoiding the use the Chemical drugs and surgeries. Treatment methods includes exposing to the natural occurring substance such as sunshine and use of herbs and encourage the activities like physical exercise, Yoga, Meditation . In addition to this lifestyle changes, naturopaths make us use of some therapies.

·         Hydro therapy

·         Diet Therapy

·         Mud therapy

·         Massage therapy

·         Acupressure

8. Aromatherapy:

Aromatherapy is a natural healing of any wounds or disturbances in our body by using natural plant extracts for promoting health and wellbeing. It is also called as essential oil therapy. It uses the aromatic essential oils to improve the health of the body, mind medicinally. It naturally enhances the physical and emotional health.

Recent years this Aromatherapy is gaining more attention and recognition in the field of medicine.

·         Essential oils & Absolutes

·         Aerial diffusion

·         Direct inhalation

·         Topical applications

·         Phytoncides

9.Siddha and Unani medicine:

Siddha Science is a traditional treatment that is originated from the Tamil Culture. Siddhars are the spiritual deities who possess astha siddhis or eight supernatural powers. In this type of treatment they consider not only the disease but also the examine the patient, environment, age, habits, physical condition.

Unani Medicine is the practice that is related to the promotion of positive health and helps to prevent the diseases. This system tends us to use the natural occurring herbal medicines and marine, animal origins. According to the Tamil culture it states that Parvathi has explained these to lord Murga.

10.Research ethics in Traditional Medicine:

Governments, global offices and organizations are progressively putting resources into conventional home-grown prescription research. However little writing tends to moral difficulties in this exploration. In this paper, we apply ideas in a complete moral structure for clinical research to universal customary home-grown solution investigates. We inspect in detail three key, overlooked measurements of the moral structure in which especially troublesome inquiries emerge for worldwide home-grown drug investigate: social esteem, logical legitimacy and positive risk– advantage proportion. Noteworthy difficulties exist in deciding shared ideas of social esteem, logical legitimacy and positive risk– advantage proportion crosswise over worldwide research coordinated efforts. In any case, we contend that shared association, including popularity based thought, offers the specific situation and process by which a significant number of the moral difficulties in universal home-grown medication research can, and ought to be, settled.

11.  Acupuncture techniques:

Acupuncture is a practice that is done by inserting needles into the subcutaneous skin and into the muscles at particular points. This is the alternative treatment that is done by inserting needles at particular points to relieve pain and stress management. This treatment is generally done by acupuncturist specialist and practitioners well trained on the particular subject using clean needles techniques, properly delivered, so that it has less adverse effects. For the degenerative associated diseases like rheumatoid arthritis this technique is used.

·         Moxibustion

·         Tui Na Massage

·         Cupping/Scraping

·         Trigger Point Therapy

·         Auricular Acupuncture

·         Electro Therapy

·         Reflexology

·         Korean Hand Acupuncture

·         Veterinary Acupuncture

12. Pain Management & Rehabilitation:

Rehabilitation Medicine uses the strategies which will reduce the musculoskeletal pain and movement related pain. It optimizes the patient function despite of the pain. These are helpful for the patients with mostly with refractory movement-associated pain and functional vulnerability. This is used for the people who cannot tolerate pharmacoanalgesia. There are four categories in this pain management.

·         Stabilizing and unloading painful structures

·         Influencing pain perception

·         Alleviating soft tissue musculotendinous pain

·         Modulating nociception. 

Yoga And Meditation:

Yoga is the synonym of Sanskrit word Yuj. It states that the soul is blended with the spirit. Yoga is one of the oldest Indian practices that gains spiritual peace within oneself. We should see yoga as a physical exercise which involves twisting and turning our body into most difficult ways and also includes breathing techniques, but these are the actual ways to unfold the potentials of the human mind and soul. Yoga gives us many benefits in our mental and physical states. In the modern era these technology are accessible and the benefits are proved. 

Meditation is a technique for the resting of mind and attaining a state of consciousness which is totally different from the normal state of our mind.

·         Hatha yoga

·         Marma yoga

·         Kundalini yoga

·         Ashtanga yoga

·         Jnana yoga

·         Sahaja yoga

·         Jnana Yoga

·         Bhakti Yoga

·         Karma Yoga

·         Laya Yoga


Naturopathy is a treatment that is used to optimal health state and to re-establish the body’s inborn capacity or to activate internal immune system to heal itself without using any conventional drugs. It is a specific procedure which blends the modern scientific knowledge with the traditional and natural practices to attain a drug free treatment for many diseases. It uses herbs and other naturally occurring products from the nature to heal the diseases.  But it has many raising ethical issues about its practice.

This field has more recognition in US states.

·         Diet Therapy

·         Fasting Therapy

·         Hydrotherapy

·         Massage Therapy

·         Mud Therapy

·         Acupressure

·         Vitalism

·         Folk Medicine

·         Herbalism

·         Physical Medicine

15.Indigenous And Tribal Medicines:

Tribal Medicine is an old traditional medicine practices that are mostly used by the tribes in the forest. It is the primitive form of indigenous medicines. It tells us about the medical practises that are done before the modern era.

·         Traditional Mexican Medicines

·         Traditional Chinese Medicines

·         Traditional Korean Medicines

·         Traditional Indian Medicines

·         Traditional Colonial American Medicines

·         Traditional Japanese Medicines

 16.Advanced Developments And Current Research In Traditional Medicine:

Customary ancient Medicines square measure commonly happening, plant-inferred substances with insignificant no fashionable making ready that wont to treat upset within provincial recuperating rehearses. Conventional ancient drugs assumed associate degree clear half within the system to contain and treat extreme intense respiratory illness. Conventional Complimentary Medicines have gotten Brobdingnagian thought in worldwide eudaemonia faces off relating to. Various pharmaceutical associations have examined the potential for creating new medicines from standard cures in Asian market. Customary drugs are quickly creating since later of Nineteen Nineties. In 2017 its yield regard extended by 24%.

 17. Promising Future of Traditional Medicine

Even though ancient drugs have a few years of history, it's varied moral problems which require to be addressed for world health recognition. There square measure some quality issue with reference to gathering, gathering, coping with and creation of home big and another standard drug that has to be pay special mind to the improvement

of standard worldwide condition. More advanced analysis and development is required on indefinite quantity production technique, which is that the main mode of action ancient drugs. Also, the clinical preliminaries of drug square measure essential to grasp the safety and adequacy of the prescribed worldwide market.

 18.  Arabic Medicine and Hijama Cupping Therapy

Hiyama is that the procedure or AN Arabic variety of wet bloodletting, through that blood is drawn by vacuum from a tiny low incision in skin for functions. According to some evidence that wet cupping treatment is for non-specific lower back pain. Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin.

Cupping has been characterized as a fallacy, and it’s observed as quackery. There is no sensible proof it's any health advantages, and there square measure some risks of damage, especially from wet cupping and fire cupping. 

 19.  Pet Acupuncture

Veterinary acupuncture is the scientific practice that is performed on animals by acupuncture. Acupuncture is employed chiefly for practical issues like those involving non communicable inflammation, paralysis, or pain. For small animals, treatment has been used for treating inflammatory disease, hip abnormal condition, lick tumor, feline bronchial asthma, diarrhea, and sure generative issues. For larger animals, treatment has been used for treating sedative drug cow syndrome, nervus facialis disfunction, allergic eczema, metastasis issues, nonsurgical pain, and sure generative disorders. Acupuncture has also been used on competitive animals. There are veterinarians United Nations agency use treatment at the side of herbs to treat muscle injurgfwtrew4t454ies in dogs and cats. Veterinarians charge around $85 for each acupuncture session


Market Analysis

Traditional medical treatment with natural substances and do not allow any drugs. On the basis of modality, alternative medicine market can be segmented into homeopathic medicine, herbal medicine, naturopathy, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda medicine and others. Alternative therapies are used in this traditional medicinal treatment like herbal therapies, magnetic therapy, yoga, oil massage therapy, osteopathic manipulation. Alternative medicines and therapies are utilized in chronic diseases, neurological diseases, reducing pain and depression.

Inferable from the expanding support by the majority, expanded utilization of customary restorative strategies has an extension for impressive development in the coming decade. It was assessed that over 60% of the worldwide populace utilizes a few of the other type of customary prescription starting in 2015. The integral and elective prescription market is required to produce an income of USD 196.87 billion by 2025, as per another report by Grand View Research, Inc. Factors, for example, the expansion in the selection of elective drug by individuals joined with the administrative activities of various key nations to upgrade reach is required to help in development income age roads. Ayurveda medicines have seen the most exponential development in the field of customary drug. It is esteemed at more than $75Bn by 2019 and has a yearly development rate of 6.6%. The home grown medication market is esteemed at $71.19Bn and expected to develop getting beneficial additions. Therapeutic plants are additionally picking up fame due to their similarly lower expenses to allopathy. It has additionally been utilized to treat SARS serious intense respiratory disorder in China. Tannins, flavonoids have against cancer properties. They are relied upon to pick up notoriety because of the expanding instances of cancer. TMA is a system of healing that dates back to 200 B.C. in written form. China, Korea, Japan, India and Vietnam have all developed their own unique versions of traditional medicine.

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